Twisted Fox Bakery was born out of the pandemic, before Covid we were just baking soft pretzels for the local breweries as Twisted Fox Soft Pretzels. Then everything shut down, people were stuck at home and we were stuck with an awful lot of flour! What do? First, we started offering our delicious cinnamon raisin twist bread to friends and neighbors. It was an instant hit and folks loved the fact if they were close by we would just leave it on their doorstep. Then we offered cinnamon buns and they were another hit. Apparently the pandemic was causing cravings for delicious goodies that were also comfort foods. Then came our English muffins, bagels ( the bagels have improved dramatically since those early days), Italian bread, and just recently, after heading off to baking school, we have added baguettes and croissants. So over the past couple of years, the word has spread that Twisted Fox makes some mighty fine baked goods. We hope you will become a fan too.